Türkiye for cheap: travel agent lists super-budget hotels with good reviews

Turkey for cheap: travel agent lists super-budget hotels with good reviews

the degree of accessibility for quite a decent all inclusive was presented by a Russian travel agent in his blog in Yandex.Zen. “Super-budget hotels” with good reviews, according to her, are checked by tourists – there are flaws, but the prices redeem them.

If we talk about the cheapest hotels, the travel agent named several “the most primitive in Antalya or Aegean coasts” of hotels, which are nevertheless suitable for those wishing to swim in the sea. Prices – from 28 thousand rubles per tourist for a week's vacation.

Among them is the cheapest Himeros Beach Hotel 3 * in Kemer, where the tour will cost about 58 thousand rubles. A few more hotels can be bought at a price of about 60 thousand rubles. True, the travel agent urges tourists not to count on much for this money. “Honestly, it would be desirable NOT to go to these hotels! Very modest, budget to sheets with holes, at times, dirty and so on. But, I understand, everyone has their own wallet and their own plans for life … “- she says.

For those who want to save money, but are ready to pay more for their comfort, the travel agent offered a “super budget option with good reviews” or Club Sun Heaven Family & Spa 5*. The price of the budget five is almost twice as expensive – departure from Moscow on June 24 for 7 nights/7 days = 97,335 for two. But, according to the travel agent, this is quite good for the money spent “ultra all inclusive”, including rooms renovated in 2020, good, albeit without frills, food, animation, the sea within walking distance (through a small underground passage), a bar with ultra all inclusive, which operates from 10:30 to 02:00, and includes locally produced soft and alcoholic drinks and other pleasures. The only drawback, as noted by the travel agent, is Konkaly, a village 110 kilometers from Antalya Airport, that is, tourists expect a long transfer, from 2.5 hours away. But Russian tourists love Konakli, she assures, and mostly Russians rest in hotels. Although there are also Europeans.

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