Turks were shocked by the behavior of Russian tourists

Turks were shocked by the behavior of Russian tourists

The love of Russian tourists for swimming and the sea “knows no boundaries.” On the popular Konyaalti beach in Antalya, the Turks were shocked by the behavior of Russian tourists when they decided to take advantage of a good sunny day for a beach holiday, and some even ventured to swim. The sea temperature now, we note, is about + 18 ° C.

“As soon as the sunny summer weather briefly settled in Antalya, both resort residents and foreigners gathered on the Konyaalti beach. Including Russians – both living here and tourists. Russians living in Antalya especially enjoyed the sunny weather, walking along the coast of Konyaalti. Some even entered the sea,” the Turkiye Turizm newspaper reports.

Moreover, the love for the sea also does not let go of the Russian long-livers of Antalya – the publication cites the answer of Russian woman Olga R., who has been living in Antalya for three years. She herself did not dare to swim, but her son, Ivan, was one of the bathers, and, as the Russian woman assured, “in such warm and sunny weather, he went to sea with great pleasure.”

Recall, however, that tourists managed to catch the last warm days. An unscheduled summer in Turkish resorts will end with a local cataclysm. Turkey's Meteorological Directorate has issued yellow and orange warnings to at least 21 cities in the country, including Antalya and Istanbul, as well as other resort towns. Tourists expect torrential rains with possible flooding, in mountainous areas – even snowfalls, as well as storm winds and storms at sea. The temperature will drop to +13°C. Read the details at this link.

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