Two more countries to join Schengen in 2023

Two more countries will join the Schengen area in 2023

Two more countries expect to join the Schengen area in 2023. We are talking about Bulgaria and Romania, which submitted applications simultaneously with Croatia – which, we recall, was included in the Schengen in January, as well as in the Eurozone. True, a problem may arise – Austria, which protested against their entry into the Schengen, is also not going to give up.

“Romania and Bulgaria are doing everything possible to protect their borders and expect to receive a positive decision to join the Schengen this year,” said Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. Separately, he drew attention to the fact that both countries play an important role in protecting the borders of the zone.

The statement is not accidental – we recall that in November last year, the Czech Republic, which chairs the Council of the European Union, announced the accession to the Schengen zone at once of 3 new countries – Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. The decision is to be made in December, and it turned out to be against two of these countries. Croatia was taken into the Schengen, while the entry of Romania and Bulgaria was “blocked” by Austria. Read the details at this link. The main reason stated by the Austrian authorities is the problem of Romania and Bulgaria with illegal migration.

As the President of Romania assured, the problem of illegal migration is “artificially mixed with the Schengen issue.” He also assured that both countries “are doing everything possible to curb illegal migration. “We expect that our right to be part of the Schengen area will be recognized, and we hope to receive a positive decision this year,” added the head of Romania.

Austria, in turn, intends to stand its ground: during a visit to Bulgaria Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said that Bulgaria is still experiencing problems with illegal migration. In addition, according to him, the Schengen zone cannot be expanded right now, since “the system is in a serious crisis.”

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