UAE in October 2023: weather, tourist reviews about Dubai and prices

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews about Dubai and prices< /p>

If you're thinking about the UAE in October, congratulations, half the foundation for a successful vacation has already been laid. It remains only to calculate the budget (money disappears in the Emirates in an instant!), draw up an entertainment plan and decide on a resort and hotel.

Mid autumn is my favorite time in the UAE, although it has its drawbacks. We figure out how much a Dubai vacation costs in October, are there places where it is better and cheaper, and what to expect from the weather.

The weather in the UAE in October – is it possible to swim?

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews of Dubai and prices

You can, you need, and even several times a day! Because the weather in the UAE in October literally insists on this. Good conditions for those who need an air temperature of at least +30°C, but not higher than +35°C, a sea temperature that you don’t need to “get used to”, and completely sunny days (clouds are, in principle, a rare occurrence in the Emirates)

  • In mid-autumn, the UAE is resurrected after a summer 45-degree heat – the Emiratis return to their residences, life appears on the streets.

But at the same time, it is very easy to acquire that shade of red, which at the Institute of Color would be referred to as “a burnt tourist on vacation by the sea”. Yet that ideal period, when it is still warm to swim, and you do not need to hide in the room from 10 am to 5 pm, comes in the UAE at the end of October. Until then, you'll have to shell out for outrageously expensive sunbeds on Dubai beaches.

Water and air temperature

A swimsuit, shorts, t-shirt and dresses are the optimal set of clothes for the Emirates in the fall. You definitely won’t need a shirt or jacket on the street, but in any room where the air conditioner is carefully and warningly set to +16, very much yes.

Many people call October the golden mean in the climate calendar of the UAE, and with this you can agree: a month earlier, in September, too hot; a month later, it’s already cool for the sea.

Look at the table below, and questions like “is it possible to swim in October in the UAE” or “which emirate is warmer in October” will disappear.

< p style="text-align: center;">What October weather looks like:

< td>+33°C

< td>+34°C

Air temperature, ℃ Water temperature, ℃
at the beginning of October at the end of October
Dubai +33°С +32°С +30°С
Sharjah +32°C +30°C
Abu Dhabi +32.5°C +28°C
Ras Al Khaimah< /td>

+35°С +32°С +30°С
Fujairah +33°C +31°C +29°C

Where is the best place to go to the UAE in October?

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews of Dubai and prices

A brief educational program on the resorts. Where is the best place to relax in the UAE in October, depending on the purpose of the trip?

1. Dubai.
Dubai is number one in everything, and this text is no exception. Prices in Dubai are higher in October than anywhere else, but there is also more room for tourist maneuvers. Beaches and the sea, endless shopping opportunities from Zara to Gucci, rooftop bars with alcohol, entertainment from lookouts and museums to Lamborghini rentals, branches of almost every famous restaurant in the world and even snow at the Ski Dubai indoor ski resort. In a word, Dubai has everything. Except the Uniqlo store:)

2. Sharjah.
In Sharjah, it is good to spend a beach holiday without overpaying for the status of Dubai and at the same time being in close proximity to it. Most local hotels provide a free shuttle service to Dubai Mall, and a taxi costs 90 AED (+20 AED for crossing the border). The beaches here are wider and less crowded, there are many hotels on the first line. But there is a caveat: alcohol is strictly prohibited, including in hotels on all inclusive.

UAE October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews of Dubai and prices

3. Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi is a good resort for families with children. It is more conservative and family-friendly than Dubai, and local amusement parks are the dream of both children and adults (more on them in the section below). But at the same time, beaches are not Abu Dhabi's strong point, the most decent ones are on Saadiyat Island.

4. Ras Al Khaimah.
I would say that Ras Al Khaimah is the best answer to the question of which resort to choose for a 24/7 beach stay. Neither the syndrome of missed sights will distract from this lesson (there is nothing special to see in the city itself, and Dubai is far away), nor the distance from the hotel to the sea – most hotels in Ras al-Khaimah are located almost on the first coastline. It is also the freest emirate for alcohol.

5. Fujairah.
And why do people, having landed in Dubai, spend another hour and a half on the road to Fujairah?.. In fact, the emirate has reinforced concrete arguments that may make you think about this bus adventure. Firstly, the cheapest all-inclusive tours in the UAE are in October. Secondly, here is not the Persian, but the Gulf of Oman (we can safely say that the ocean), which differs in water temperature and the underwater world. Snorkeling in Fujairah is a very popular activity! And thirdly, Oman is nearby, which can be conveniently included in the program and visit two countries in one vacation.

All-inclusive tours in Fujairah >>< /p>

Prices for tours to the UAE in October – 2023

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews of Dubai and prices

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews about Dubai and prices

In October, everything related to international travel is expensive in the UAE – air tickets, hotels, tours. High season. Is it worth waiting for discounts or that coveted phrase from pre-pandemic times – “hot tours”? .. At first glance, it seems not. Holidays in the UAE in October, in terms of popularity, are very similar to the idea of ​​​​going to Sochi in August.

But at a second glance, here is the latest news from the world of tourism: air traffic between the capital and Dubai will reach 90 (!) flights PER WEEK. That is, in autumn, 13 flights from Moscow will land in Dubai daily. And add here planes from Kazan, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and 7 more regions. And arrival in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi…

Discounts on tours appear when there are empty seats on planes. With so many flights, one can doubt the 100% occupancy of flights to Dubai in October – and just in case, monitor profitable tours on aggregators:

  • Level .Travel

If you're not the kind of wait-and-go traveler and prefer to book your vacation six months in advance, put it in your Google calendar and count down the rest X weeks, then this is how much tours to the UAE cost in October 2023 for 7 nights:

≈ 100,000 rubles for two – if we focus on the cheapest tour with a departure from Moscow
≈ from 120,000 to 140,000 rubles for two – the minimum bar for regions
≈ 160,000 rubles for two – if we consider only “all included”
≈ 250,000 rubles for two — if you add the filters “Dubai, 5 stars, first line, excellent reviews”

Well, for a range of prices for specific hotels, welcome to the next section.< /p>

Good hotels in the UAE – reviews of tourists and our experience

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews of Dubai and prices

I have great respect for the hotel industry in the Emirates . Strict adherence to standards, clear organization have led to the fact that it is not scary to stay here in 3 stars on the outskirts of the city, and in a simple apart-hotel.

But you have to pay for everything good (and this is not only about hotel prices in October). In the UAE, this principle is embodied in the form of a mandatory tourist tax that you pay when you check in – whether you book a hotel on your own or come on a tour.

  • 5-star hotel – 20 dirhams per day
  • 4 star hotel – AED 15 per day
  • 2 or 3 star hotel – AED 10 per day

The tax is calculated per room, not per number of guests. That is, for accommodation of three in one room of a 4 * hotel for a week, you need to pay 15×7 = 105 dirhams. The tax can be paid by card (non-Russian) or cash dirhams. It is better to be prepared so as not to get into a mess and not look for someone who would exchange dollars for dirhams on the spot.

Which hotel to choose in the UAE? For all the trips, we have gathered a whole collection of completely different hotels in the Emirates. I will share them with a brief note on what type of vacation they are best suited for.

– 4 * BM Beach Hotel (Ras Al Khaimah) – for an inexpensive all-inclusive beach vacation
– 4* Doubletree by Hilton Hotel and Residences Al Barsha (Dubai) – for an active vacation “sights + beach”; hotel next to the famous Mall of The Emirates, five minutes from the metro station, from where only 4 stops to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina
– 4 * Wyndham Dubai Deira (Dubai) – if you are in Dubai for 1 day and interesting to see the city
– Golden Sands Apartmenrts 3 (Dubai) – apart-hotel with a full kitchen in the room; 10 minutes walk to the metro, free transfer to La Mer beach (one of the best in Dubai) and an excellent price tag – even for October, tours with it are one of the most inexpensive
– 3 * Centro Sharjah by Rotana (Sharjah) – a pretty an outdoor heated pool and a big minus in the form of a location near the Sharjah airport; we were a group so we took a taxi everywhere, although the hotel has a free shuttle to Dubai Mall and the beach
– 4* Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche (Abu Dhabi) – for a short stop in Abu Dhabi

>And here are the recommendations of hotels in Dubai where you can have a cool and beautiful vacation close to the beach:

  • 4 * NH Collection Dubai the Palm is a new hotel on the first line, located on the “base” of Palma. It has absorbed everything that you want from Dubai: its own area with sunbeds on the trendy Palm West beach, where you can alternate organic and not very restaurants for dinner throughout your vacation and never repeat; a rooftop pool with views of the skyscrapers of the Marina, a large shopping center Nakheel Mall five steps away (with The View at The Palm) and a shuttle to the Mall of The Emirates to take the subway and go to comprehend new heights of luxury to Burj Khalifa))< br> Tour for 7 nights in October: from 250,000 rubles for two (breakfasts + dinners)
  • 4* Marina Byblos is a real experience for newcomers to Dubai – you will sigh in beauty and pomp as the hotel is located right on the bay of Dubai Marina with its folding skyscrapers and atmosphere of well-being. 10 minutes to the beach, the same to the metro. Promenade, where specially come to walk from other parts of Dubai, and an endless amount of entertainment and food. You can find fault with the hotel itself, but the price will outweigh everything – with such an arrangement it is difficult to find something cheaper.
    Tour for 7 nights in October: from 150,000 rubles for two (breakfast)
  • 4* Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Media City – on the side of the hotel and belonging to a well-known global chain, and an excellent rating from 3000+ reviews. Located between Palma and Dubai Marina (a tram runs to the second one, which is very convenient). It's a 15 minute walk to the beach, but in October it doesn't feel like a test. Guests note good breakfasts, a gym and general hospitality.
    7-night tour in October: from 185,000 rubles for two (no meals)
  • 5 * Grosvenor House – a heavy 45-storey suite, “lightened” by the lack of its own beach. And it seems that this is its only minus (which is also compensated by a 10-minute free transfer to the beach area of ​​the even more premium Le Royal Meridien hotel). For food: steaks and lobsters for dinner, prosecco for breakfast. Aesthetics: art objects and fresh flowers. Location: Right next to the Dubai Marina Walk to show off your best outfits.
    7 night tour in October: from 300,000 rubles for two (breakfasts + dinners)

If you are an independent tourist (-ka) and consider tour operators the last century, any of the hotels can be booked with a Russian bank card on Ostrovka, check:

What to do in October in the UAE (Dubai )?

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews of Dubai and prices

I can write endlessly about what to see in the UAE. The point is in our frequent visits to the Emirates, and in the fact that something new and interesting appears there faster than delivery from Samokat. I have 2-3 unexplored places planned for each trip.

What to do in Dubai in October?

1. Sunbathe on all the cool beaches.
And swim while the sea in the UAE in October allows. In Dubai, the choice of beaches is huge – from free public to beach clubs that make collaborations with Dior and Ralph Lauren. Most often, tourists gather at:

  • La Mer – a small beach with calm water, equipped, with bright details and constantly crowded; but it has an insanely photogenic surrounding area, decorated in my favorite industrial style: once there were garages, but now there are stylish cafes and shops.
  • Marina Beach– Dubai Marina beach, and this description can be limited: everything and everything is here (partly because it is the only one that is conveniently accessible by metro).
  • Kite Beach – a beach with kitesurfers, part of the long Jumeirah beach, where there is enough space for everyone.
  • Palm West Beach – a beach on Palma, wide and with a promenade.

2. See 11 must-see sights.
I'll list five here, and look for the other six (or even more, we constantly update the article) in the text at the link above.

The Bluewaters area with the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel are relatively recent additions to the Dubai attractions map. Bluewaters itself is a typical shopping and entertainment district of the city with interesting architectural accents (for example, “trees” almost like in Singapore). Take a walk, take pictures, look into a couple of establishments – the usual local program. The Ferris wheel – the largest in the world – is located right there, but you won't be able to ride: it has been under repair for a year already.

Burj Khalifa– needs no introduction. Only a hint on how to buy a ticket will come in handy if Russian cards do not work abroad – here on the Russian site Sputnik8 all types of tickets are sold: standard for $52, and evening (from 15:00 to 18:30) for $73, and a profitable combo offer tower + aquarium in Dubai Mall for $73.

Museum of the Future– a place where you literally cannot get: tickets are sorted out weeks before the desired dates! Flying penguins, robo-dogs and predictions of the picture of our earth in many, many years. A good museum, you should take it: again, on the Tripster website ($65) if you do not have a foreign card.

Al Fahidi District– A recreated historical quarter of Dubai. Skyscrapers give way to low-rise buildings and a Middle Eastern atmosphere: bustling markets and shops with teapots and carpets. But contrary to any other eastern city, it is very clean and civil here. I advise you to go to the Al Shindagha Museum, where they tell about Dubai from the time when he was still a baby, and take a ride on the abra boat to the opposite bank to Spice Market (1-2 dirhams).

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews about Dubai and prices

Al Serkal AvenueA neighborhood where garages and warehouses have been turned into contemporary art galleries, coffee shops with takeaway matcha lattes, and fitness studios with hot yoga on the schedule. And there are so many corners for cool photos!

3. Walk through amusement parks – and not necessarily with children.
A great scenario for unnecessarily hot days (most parks are covered). In Dubai, everything is built and presented on a grand scale, and amusement parks are no exception.

  • Wild Wadi Water Park – opened this summer after a massive renovation. Competes with Aquaventure Water Park for the title of the best water park in the emirate. The advantage of Wild Wadi is a lower price (295 dirhams) and updated infrastructure.
  • Dubai Parks & Resort– this is a complex of 3 amusement parks: Legoland with attractions (suitable for kids under 7 years old) and Legoland water park – based on, it's not hard to guess, the Lego designer; and MotionGate – rollercoasters and carousels with famous cartoon characters like Kung Fu Panda, Ghostbusters and Smurfs (despite the latter, it will be interesting for representatives of any age). On the Sputnik8 website there is an offer for 2 parks in 1 day for $97 – exactly like on the official website and with payment by a Russian card! Individual admission to each park is $80.
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure – if at least once your child (including the inner one) admired the superheroes of the Marvel universe – Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, then here is the decision for you which park to choose. Rollercoasters, performances and stunning visuals. The location is inconvenient for Dubai, so it makes sense to take a ticket with a transfer ($110).

4. Go to places that not everyone knows about yet.
In the Emirates, with Russian cards, there is the best car rental service – Localrent – which I advise everyone. I bet that after experience with this service, you will stop using aggregators like Rentalcars – so much is Lokalrent about the client and his comfort. And about good prices: in October, the rental price starts from $25 per day.

UAE is not only Dubai and Abu Dhabi with their bias towards surprisingly expensive, high and advanced tourists, but also let and less popular but interesting places away from the city:

✔️Bab al Shams desert resort
✔️Terra Solis glamping
✔️Abandoned village in the Al Madam desert (almost Namibian Kolmanskop in photos!)
imagine – cool

5. Color your days with excursions.
⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

The best tours in Dubai

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews of Dubai and prices

Excursions in Dubai need a separate section so as not to get lost in the general lists of recommendations. Here they love cabriolet views, helicopter flights, and good old buses with a guide who can devote a few hours to all the nuances of life in the Emirates.

I have already mentioned two sites in the context of buying entrance tickets to many attractions in Dubai:

  • Sputnik8
  • Tripster

… but initially they specialize in excursions in the UAE in Russian. Along with group tours, there are also individual tours for a limited number of people (and often with a more interesting author's program).

More than 150 excursions are offered in the city, but here's what you should definitely dilute your vacation in Dubai in October 2023:< /p>

*Each of the excursions can be paid for with a Russian card, despite the fact that the prices are indicated in dollars or euros

✔️ Jeep safari in the desert is a universal entertainment for adults and teenagers, even our parents aged 50+ were delighted!)) We went on a safari twice – we booked a group tour for ourselves ($40 per person), and with our parents — here's a one-on-one ($230 for everyone) to make sure you're alone in the car.
✔️ One day in Abu Dhabi ($85 per person) is a good alternative if you don’t have 2-3 days left for a full trip to the capital. Look outside and inside at the main diamonds of the emirate: the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Corniche, the presidential palace and the Louvre Museum (where everyone wants to go). See six cities (excluding Abu Dhabi) and decide if it's worth going there for vacation instead of Dubai.

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews of Dubai and prices

✔️ La Perle Aquashow ($70 with Man) – in the world there is a tour of the Du Soleil circus, and in Dubai – a semi-circus, semi-theatrical performance from an eminent director called La Perle (Pearl). The plot is clear without words, the special effects are on the level, but it still seemed to me that this is more an option for a family evening with children under 15 years old.
✔️ Helicopter flight ($210 per person) — I would trade all excursions for this one. I have never flown in a helicopter before, and together with the stunning views of Dubai and the sea from above, it turned out to be an incredible combo of impressions!

We tried many excursions in Dubai, but this particular “set” is the most successful for first trips to the United Arab Emirates.

Is it worth going to Dubai (UAE) in October? My opinion and reviews of tourists

UAE in October — 2023: weather, tourist reviews about Dubai and prices

It's hard to imagine bad tourist reviews about Dubai in October, without taking into account subjective impressions in the spirit of “everything is artificial.” You can only complain about the weather, crowds and prices on the spot – after all, 25–30 dirhams (600–700 rubles) for a cup of coffee seem like a swindle.

Check out our recent YouTube video about prices in Dubai – it got almost 150,000 views:

The UAE in October 2023 promises to be an incredibly popular destination. I am sure you will meet a couple of acquaintances or neighbors from the nine-story building opposite here! Limited number of countries with direct flights + highest number of flights per day = what else can you expect? But there are so many resorts, hotels and activities in the Emirates that everyone will be evenly dispersed according to their interests. Except the beaches. Of course, it will be difficult and crowded with them, especially in Dubai.

Dubai in October, like all the emirates as a whole, is the most moderately hot and cloudless place on the globe. Only Egypt or Tunisia can compete with him.

Pros and cons

+ Any tourist will like Dubai in October – the weather and sea temperature are ideal
+ Frequent flights from many cities of Russia
+ You can fly on your own, you can buy a tour – it will be about the same
+ Visa-free and short (from the western part of Russia) flight

– More expensive than usual (due to the cost of hotels and tickets)
– May seem like a hot destination, especially in early October
– Crowds, crowds, crowds

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