Ukrainian tourist arrested in Thailand

Ukrainian tourist arrested in Thailand

A Ukrainian tourist was arrested in Thailand for illegal work. A relocant fleeing the mobilization, according to The Tiger newspaper, was detained by the Royal Thai Immigration Police after it was discovered that he was illegally working for a motorcycle rental company on the island of Koh Pa Ngan in Surat Thani province in southern Thailand.

According to the publication, the police took a 45-year-old man from Ukraine “hot”: in a parking lot with 23 rented motorcycles after they were returned by tourists. At first, the Ukrainian denied that he was working. The police found out that the Ukrainian entered Thailand through the Satun immigration service in southern Thailand, and he is allowed to stay in the kingdom until May 18, 2023. But he does not have a work permit.

Representatives of a motorcycle rental company that illegally hired a Ukrainian to work were also detained. The investigation continues.

The Phuket immigration office also found 186 foreigners who overstayed their visas in Phuket during a seven-day raid, the publication adds. Moreover, most of them paid fines, and 4 people even went to prison – there are no Russians among the last, among those arrested were an Egyptian citizen, one Danish citizen, one Burmese citizen and one Chinese citizen. But in general, among the “caught” Russians, the majority are 41 people.

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