Unbearable stench in the aisle: the stewardess reported how they insidiously take revenge on rude passengers

Unbearable stink in the aisle: flight attendant reveals how they're viciously taking revenge on rude passengers

Some flight attendants defy cultural norms and use the so-called “method” seed dust” to take revenge on the “vile” tourists: they release air in the aisle next to the passengers, who annoy them during the flight. As a result, travelers endure an unbearable stench. This was told by the flight attendants themselves on the Reddit forum.

It was clarified that crew members avoid farting in the galley so as not to harm colleagues, but instead inaudibly release gases as they pass through the cabin, pretending to check for debris. So they harm annoying travelers. “I find passengers who have caused me inconvenience, and I don’t hold back,” said one of them.

In addition, flight attendants use other revenge tactics. One former flight attendant admitted that when passengers were really rude, she flipped the TV screens in-flight so they couldn't watch their movies. “Very petty of me, I know,” she replied to the indignation of the users.

Despite the tiny manifestations of revenge, the flight attendants' tactics were approved by some users. In their opinion, some people on board really deserve such treatment.

What does science say about this? According to University of Copenhagen clinical professor Jacob Rosenberg, flying actually makes people fart more. “The pressure drops, and the air has to take up more space,” he said.

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