Unbridled nightlife in Thailand did not receive approval: tourists were limited in time

Unbridled nightlife in Thailand not approved: tourists are limited in time

“You will have too much time for alcohol abuse, and this means more injuries and deaths due to alcohol intoxication, ”the Thai Alcohol Control Board literally justified the ban on the sale of alcohol at night. The committee received a proposal to extend the statutory time for the sale of alcohol until 4 am. The extension was called for mainly in connection with the massive return of tourists and was made by local politicians and businessmen.

However, the proposal was “deployed” by the aforementioned committee with the support of the Thai Ministry of Health. The reason is health care, including tourists. They estimate that more than 11 hours of legal alcohol sales is “too much time for drinking”, which will inevitably lead to consequences.

“Being able to get drunk for hours in the first place will increase the number of deaths and injuries due to alcohol. Moreover, we can predict that it is the extra few hours at the end of the night that can lead to 10-20 alcohol-related deaths every day. Including among tourists. And even 24-hour police checkpoints will not prevent an increase in accidents,” the Committee said. The main risk options are, first of all, drunk driving, accidents on the water caused by a large amount of alcohol, as well as the risk of a variety of crimes.

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