Unexpected results: the most dangerous resorts for Russian tourists named

Unexpected results: the most dangerous resorts for Russian tourists named

According to insurers, Adler unexpectedly turned out to be the most “dangerous” resort: as the press service of the VSK insurance company told TURPROM, It was this resort that accounted for the largest number of insured events. Turkish Kemer and Alanya also entered the top three dangerous resorts for Russian tourists.

In general, according to the VSK Insurance House, the number of applications to insurance companies from tourists decreased by 40% compared to the summer of 2021. Oddly enough, despite the high demand for domestic tourism, the share of insured events with tourists in Russia has decreased – from 39% in 2021 to 20% this season.

However, the mass factor apparently worked – which is why the most dangerous Adler became a resort this summer – it accounted for more than 17% of insured events. The top three also include the Turkish resort of Kemer with 13% of requests and Alanya with 12%. Also, 12% of the conversion happened in Egypt, namely in Hurghada. Side and Belek are also in the top five “dangerous” cities – they accounted for 10% of requests.

At the same time, on outbound destinations, the share of requests for insured events is expectedly the highest in Turkey – more than half or 51%. This is followed by Egypt (17%) and Abkhazia (9%). Among other countries where tourists turned to insurers – Cyprus, the Maldives and the United Arab Emirates.

Insurers also noted that they mainly sought medical help for injuries and ailments of children – 49% of such appeals were recorded. Another 16% of insured accidents were for vacationers aged 30-40, and 13% for travelers aged 19-30.

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