Vilnius Attractions: Top 25

Vilnius Attractions: Top 25

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This small, incredibly beautiful and well-groomed city has its own charm. Tourists should definitely see the sights of Vilnius, walk along the cobbled streets, listen to city musicians. Peace and tranquility reign everywhere here. A large number of ancient monuments makes the city a sightseeing mecca of Lithuania. There is something to see in Vilnius for travelers who are interested in modern and historical architecture.

First things to see in Vilnius

Describing the old city, you involuntarily list the main sights of Vilnius briefly, because in it, like in most historical centers of European capitals, the main iconic places are concentrated.

1. Old Town

Vilnius Attractions: Top 25

One of the streets of the Old Town in Vilnius

When choosing hotels in Vilnius, pay attention to the Old Town. Here you can stay in the best of them, the best sights of Vilnius within walking distance will be an invaluable bonus. You can start looking at them from the Holy Gates and, moving east to the Medininkai Castle, look at all the beauties one by one.

2. City Hall

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

The main facade of the Town Hall building on the Town Hall Square in Vilnius Old Town

What to see in Vilnius in 1 day if you came to the capital of Lithuania for a short time? The classical building of the City Hall is of architectural and historical interest. Once the city archive, treasury, courtrooms were located here, prisoners were kept in the cellars. In the XVIII century. the building was demolished, and a new one was built in its place, which became the center of cultural life. Today, foreign delegations are met here, ceremonial meetings are held, awards and prizes are presented.

Official website: http://www.vilniausrotuse

3. Gediminas Avenue

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

Lithuanian administrative and government offices on Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius

The central avenue of the city with a length of about 2 km with limited traffic, and at night – closed to traffic. There is a different atmosphere here than in the Old Town. Stone structures of the Brezhnev era coexist with new buildings, street musicians sing on the roadsides, theaters, exhibitions, shops work. It is worth taking a walk along the avenue, although tourists still prefer the streets of Old Vilnius.

4. Pilies Street

Vilnius Attractions: Top 25

Pilies street at night

The oldest of Vilnius streets, it is perhaps the most interesting for walking. If you're lucky, you can find yourself in the epicenter of festive festivities, visit the most famous fairs in the country, walk through museums and retail outlets. There are interesting places on the street that deserve special attention.

5. Užupis

Sights of Vilnius: Top 25

Bronze sculpture of a trumpeting angel – a symbol of Užupis quarter

It can be compared with the small Vatican, it is a kind of state within a state. The high rating of Užupis as a tourist site is due to its originality. At the end of the last century, the area became a favorite place for avant-garde artists, musicians, and poets. Everything that could be bought at a small price was converted into fashion galleries. Bohemian Užupis, it is worth noting, even got its own anthem, flag, constitution and even an army.

6. Tower of Gediminas

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

The national flag of Lithuania flying on a flagpole above the Gediminas Tower

We will tell you where to go in Vilnius and where you get the most beautiful photos. From the observation deck of the Gediminas Tower on the Castle Hill, the entire Old Vilnius is overlooked. The tower is of historical significance on a national scale, so the flag of the country flutters on the flagpole. You can climb it on foot or by funicular.

Official website:

7. Aushros Gate< /h3>

Vilnius Attractions: Top 25

Ausros Gate – one of the most important sights of Vilnius

This gate, as high as a three-story house, is a shrine of the Catholic faith, a landmark of Lithuania. The image of the great Merciful Mother, revered by Catholics, is kept in the chapel. The architecture of the building is fascinating: beautiful griffins on the main facade, a frieze over the bell tower, icons in the chapel. The place is a pilgrimage site for Catholics all over the world.

Official website: http://www.ausrosvartai.

8. Presidential Palace

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

The Presidential Palace in a two-storey 19th-century palace on Daukanto Square in Vilnius

It is impossible to get inside many local attractions. We will suggest what to visit in Vilnius from places that are usually not available for viewing, but here it is welcome. The accessibility of the Presidential Palace is amazing. Anyone has the opportunity to attend public events that are held here. It is worth waiting for the flag changing ceremony – it is really solemnly beautiful.

Official website:

9. Vilnius University

 Sights of Vilnius: Top 25

St. John's Church in the Great Courtyard of Vilnius University

The university buildings occupy a whole block and are “diluted” with fountains, arches, cozy courtyards, alleys. In the central courtyard there is, in addition to the buildings, the bell tower of St. John with a viewing platform at the top. Especially beautiful is the university library, painted with frescoes. Adam Mickiewicz, Taras Shevchenko, Yanka Kupala and other famous figures once studied here.

Official website:

10. Radziwill Palace

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

The Radziwill Palace on Vilnius Street Sigitas Jakucionis

Many excursions in Vilnius lead here. The wealth of the Radziwill family was calculated in huge numbers, they owned about 9 palaces in the city. The palace in the Old Town is the only one that has survived; today it belongs to the National Art Museum. The exhibition, divided into 3 parts, presents portraits, icons, archaeological finds, art objects and much more.

11. Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

Vilnius Attractions: Top 25

National Museum in the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius

If you are interested in history, then when you go on a trip, plan a visit to this place. Once the palace was the residence of many Lithuanian rulers. Thanks to them, the castle complex was constantly expanding and by the 16th century. looked like a beautiful building in the Renaissance style. Today, the existing 2 expositions in authentic interiors tell about the history of the Palace.

Official website: https://v2.valdovurumai.

12. St. Stanislaus Cathedral

Vilnius Attractions : Top 25

The Cathedral of St. Stanislaus is the main and most beautiful Catholic cathedral in Vilnius

The church near the Castle Hill, which is significant for Catholics, was the place where the Grand Dukes of Lithuania were crowned. In its cellars there are burial places of famous people of the Principality of Lithuania. Inside the cathedral seems airy, bright, the interior is decorated with paintings and sculptures. Particularly interesting is the high bell tower with a clock, which was part of the defensive fortification.

Official website: http://www.katedra

13. Church of St. Peter and Paul

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

Church of St. Peter and Paul in night illumination at the beginning of Antakalne Street in Vilnius

This church is called the pearl of the Baroque. It becomes clear only when you go inside. If the facade is restrainedly solemn, then the interior shines with the richness of allegories, the splendor of forms, and the luxury of decoration. The dome and walls are decorated with stucco elements, from which it is difficult to look away. Guides in Vilnius will tell you its tragic and interesting story.

Official website: https://vilniauspetropovilo

14. Church of St. Anna and Bernardine Church

Vilnius Attractions: Top -25

The Bernardine Church and St. Anne's Church are some of the most popular attractions in Vilnius

St. Anne's Church, made in the Gothic style, is visible from anywhere in the city. A masterpiece of architecture is the pediment and 3 graceful towers. The gallery and sacristy, which is inside, are inferior in beauty to the exterior of the facade. The imposing and austere building of the Bernardine Church was originally part of a defensive wall, which is now reminded of by the preserved loopholes. Inside, the temple is equipped without unnecessary pathos, the remains of biblical frescoes are visible on the walls.

Official website:http://www.onosbaznycia.

15. St. Catherine's Church

Sights of Vilnius: Top 25

General view of St. Catherine's Church in Vilnius Juliux

The luxurious Catholic church in the Baroque style was built in the 17th century. The building is beautiful on the outside and luxurious on the inside. The interior design includes white marble statues, and paintings with scenes from the Bible flaunt on the walls and the altar. Classical music concerts are held here.

16. St. John's Church

Vilnius Attractions: Top 25

Church of St.The bell tower of the church with a six-meter cross is the best place from which you can see Vilnius from above. Moreover, the review is not limited to grids, gratings or glasses. At a height of 45 m, you can walk or take a modern elevator. An interesting object at the top is Foucault's pendulum, which imitates the rotation of the Earth.

17. St. Casimir's Church

Vilnius Attractions: Top 25

Church of St. Casimir in the Old Town – an example of the early baroque in Vilnius

When you travel through time, you understand how much this church had to endure. It was used for various purposes, at some time it even served as a granary, and during Soviet times it housed a wine cellar and a museum of atheism. And only at the end of the last century the building was returned to the church and consecrated. The facade and interior are designed in the Baroque style, the most interesting element is the dome, made in the form of a crown.

18. Church of the Holy Spirit

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

Church of the Holy Spirit – a temple at an Orthodox monastery in Vilnius

A beautiful temple, near which is always crowded. In the solemn interior, the three-tiered iconostasis, decorated with sculptures, columns and wavy cornices, immediately catches the eye. The most interesting thing in it is the cave temple below the altar. The relics of the Vilna martyrs, later canonized as saints, were once found here. There is a library attached to the church.

19. Three Crosses Religious Monument

Vilnius sights: Top 25

Religious monument Three Crosses in the city park on the Bald Mountain on the right bank of the river Vilnale

In the center of the capital, in Kalnu Park, there are 4 hills of different heights. The most remarkable is the Three-Cross Hill, which is crowned with a sculpture of three snow-white crosses soaring into the sky. There is more than one legend about their appearance. The monument, restored after a series of destructions, is dedicated to the victims of Stalin's repressions. Near it, on the top of the mountain, there is an observation deck with a good view.

20. National Museum of Lithuania

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

National Museum of Lithuania – State Historical Museum in Vilnius

Another attraction of Vilnius, telling the whole history of the country from the first settlements to the establishment of the state. The presented exhibits tell an interesting story about the formation of the Baltic culture. Interactive computer entertainments will be interesting for children and adults as well.

Official website:

Sights of Vilnius: what else to visit in Vilnius?

If you are not limited in time, then you should pay more attention to interesting objects. Look through the sights of Vilnius with names and descriptions in advance and choose those that you think are worth visiting without fail.

21. Lithuanian Art Museum

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

Facades of the building of the Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius Rimantas Lazdynas

The museum provides an overview of the largest art collection in the country. Geographically, the museum covers a huge part of the territory of Lithuania, presenting its branches in many places. The exhibition features more than 2.5 thousand paintings dating back to the 16th-19th centuries, about 8 thousand drawings by artists from around the world from the period of the 15th-20th centuries

22. Museum of Genocide Victims

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

Memorial stone with flowers and candles at the Museum of Genocide Victims in Vilnius

Once this museum building belonged to the KGB, during the war the Gestapo settled here. The museum's collections are located in the basement and on 2 floors. Below you can see the cells of prisoners with inscriptions on the walls, which, although repeatedly repainted, still keep their remains. Special recommendations of tourists concern the stone of memory, near which there are always flowers and candles burning in memory of the dead.

Official website:

23. Vilnius TV Tower

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

Vilnius TV Tower is a TV and radio broadcasting center in the tallest building in Lithuania VietovesLt

The tallest building in the country, it can compete with famous skyscrapers in the world. From the observation deck at a height of 165 m, a wonderful view of Vilnius opens up, however, the territory is fenced with glass, there is no open access. Here, at the top, is a revolving restaurant. Despite rather high prices, it is always difficult to find a free table here.

Official website:

24. Park Europe

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

Artwork by Magdalena Abakanovic “Space of Unknown Growth” in Legionas Europa Park

This is not a simple park, but rather a museum located on 55 hectares in the open air. The original sculptures presented on the territory deserve excellent reviews from the guests of the park. Among the most interesting compositions is a labyrinth of 3,000 old TV sets. The sculpture is made in the form of a tree, but it is visible only from above. In general, an interesting collection of original installations.

Official website: http://www.europosparkas

25. Trakai Castle

Vilnius attractions: Top 25

Trakai Castle, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape

An interesting cozy place, shrouded in legend and lake water. A small restored castle is interesting with a collection of exhibits placed inside. The tour will immerse guests in a medieval atmosphere, lead them through narrow stairs and palace halls. You can finish the trip by sailing on the lake on a yacht.

Official website: http://www.trakaimuziejus.

Vilnius is ideal for romantic visits, family holidays and just to expand the boundaries of the tourist horizons.

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