Warsaw Attractions: Top 20

Warsaw Attractions: Top 20

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The sights of Warsaw are so fascinating and numerous that even a whole month will not be enough for you to explore them. If your stay in this hospitable city is planned for a short time, you should think about what to see in Warsaw in advance.

What to see in Warsaw in the first place

Experienced guides in Warsaw never stay out of employment. If you do not want to ask for help from an escort, and expect to see all the sights of the city on your own, our review of the most significant and recommended places to visit will be of great benefit to you:

1. Old Town

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

View of the oldest historical district of Warsaw

Such sights of Warsaw as the heart of the Polish capital are known to every educated person. The old town is included in the list of UNESCO treasures and will offer you an acquaintance with the Castle Square, the Royal Castle with ghosts, the tourist street of St. John, the Market Square, the Church of St. Martin – list local monuments of culture and architecture, and just interesting places in this ancient historical area can be as long as all the best sights of Warsaw. We recommend that you allocate a whole day to visit the Old Town, or at least a couple of hours for a walk among the colorful cottages and get to know this pearl of the Republic of Poland.

2. Royal Castle

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

The Royal Castle is an architectural and cultural monument in the center of Warsaw

There are legends about this landmark of Warsaw. At one time it was completely destroyed by Hitler's army. However, relatively recently, the country's authorities restored it, making it one of the main historical monuments of the city. Inside the castle, a permanent exhibition awaits you, and symposiums, concerts and exhibitions are regularly held here. Note that tourists are allowed to take photos inside the museum, capturing not only themselves, but also ceramics, tapestries, clocks, antique furniture and other interior values.

Excursions in Warsaw around the Royal Castle will allow you to see: temporary exhibitions , the library, the Lanckoronski Gallery, the private quarters of the kings and their dining room, the general halls of the palace, magnificent gardens. Traveling can also take you a whole day.

Official website: https://www.zamek-krolewski

3. Castle Square

Sights of Warsaw: Top 20

View of the Castle Square at night

One of the most colorful places in the capital – according to the reviews of those who saw it. Made in the shape of a triangle, the square serves as a venue for various city holidays and events. During the New Year festivities, the main Christmas tree of the country is set here. Within walking distance is the Royal Castle and the ancient Cathedral of St. Jan. If you do not know what to visit in Warsaw first of all, start your sightseeing route from the Castle Square.

Official website: https://www.zamek-krolewski.pl

4. Market Square

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

Old Town Market Square in Warsaw

When describing the Market Square, it is necessary to talk about its symbol – the sculpture of the Little Mermaid with a sword and shield. Siren personifies the protection of the city from enemies. The square itself is surrounded by old stone houses with fancy facades of different colors. Here you can visit numerous cafes serving delicious national cuisine, go to a souvenir shop or just enjoy the view of the fountains. This is a great place to relax, filled with both tourists and the Poles themselves. The unique spirit of Medieval Europe reigns here, performances by street musicians and impromptu exhibitions of local artists.

If you come to Warsaw on Christmas Eve, be sure to go to the fair of the city's main market square. However, on hot summer days, the bright umbrellas of street cafes, which cover a huge part of the territory, will also not leave you indifferent. It is in these cafes that you will be offered to try the famous Warsaw pastries and delicious coffee.

5. Warsaw Barbican

Warsaw Sights: Top 20

A powerful medieval building to protect the entrance gate to the city

Warsaw Barbican (strengthening the gates of the fortress, taken out of the border of the main fortress wall). Today, the Warsaw Barbican houses a museum that hosts various exhibitions dedicated to the history and culture of the city. In addition, it is a gathering place for street musicians, performers, merchants and artists. If your trip is conceived in order to learn more about the life and traditions of the natives, a visit to this Warsaw landmark can be recommended with full confidence.

Watch the beautiful views of Warsaw in this breathtaking video!

6. Wilanów Palace

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

Majestic sculptures in the park near the Wilanów Palace

National pride of the country and a masterpiece of baroque architecture. Luxurious gardens are an integral part of the palace complex – like other sights of Warsaw, they are open to tourists. The park contains sculptures, a winter garden, a hill, a stream with a waterfall, a greenhouse and a grove.

Official website:http://www.wilanow-palac.

7. Warsaw Citadel

Warsaw Sights: Top 20

Inside the Warsaw Citadel – barrels of ancient Jolanta Dyr cannons

Tsar Nicholas 1 had a hand in the construction of this landmark of Warsaw. The fortress was erected by his decree. We included the citadel in our rating, given its rich history and scale of construction (the complex includes lunettes, towers, a fort, the Citadel of Alexandria and other objects of the war years).

8. Monument to the Warsaw Uprising

Warsaw Attractions: Top 20

Monument to the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 in Warsaw

By visiting such interesting places in Warsaw, you have the opportunity to honor the memory of the heroes who fell in the battle against the Nazis in 1943. The memorial was built with money donated by local residents.

9. Church of St. John the Baptist

Sights of Warsaw: Top 20

Facade of the Church of St. John the Baptist Dennis Jarvis

The burial place of many great figures of culture and history of the country. Date of construction – 1390, architectural direction – Gothic. Initially, like many other surviving architectural sights of Poland, the church was conceived as a place for the burial and coronation of the royal family. Today it is the main temple of the capital.

10. Church of St. Casimir

Sights of Warsaw: Top 20

Church of St. Casimir at the Market Square of the New Town of Warsaw Marcin Białek

Part of the Benedictine Church of Sacraments of the Holy Communion. Location – Market Square (we have already said that it should be seen in Warsaw in the first place). Inside the church is the tomb of Maria Carolina de Bouillon. The surrounding area is a beautiful garden of the 17th century.

11. Church of the Holy Cross

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

Monument to Nicolaus Copernicus and the Church of the Holy Cross

The upper church of the church keeps urns with the ashes of W. Reymont and F. Chopin. The graves are decorated with a banner bust and a heavy epitaph made of Carrara marble stone. In the lower church there are crypts with the remains of V. Sikorsky, J. Slovatsky and other famous Poles.

12. Church of St. Anne

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

The main entrance to the Church of St. Anne

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, included in the list of what every tourist should visit in Warsaw. According to many, the interior of the church is not of particular interest. You should come here for the solemn services, inspection of the facade with a trio of graceful towers of exquisite shape and the same height, and a bell tower.

13. Copernicus Science Center

Warsaw Sights: Top 20

One of the themed galleries at the World3000 Copernicus Science Center

Where to go in Warsaw with children? Every visitor is allowed to set up unique experiments in mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology in this wonderful science center with its half a thousand interactive exhibits. The list of permanent exhibitions includes, for example, the huge Foucault pendulum, which demonstrates the rotation of our planet. Any exhibit can be touched and photographed. Returning to hotels in Warsaw, guests of the Copernicus are usually full of emotions and impressions.

Official website: http://www.kopernik.org.pl/en/

14. Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

Palace of Culture and Science against the backdrop of modern skyscrapers in Warsaw

Our recommendations telling you about the main attractions of Warsaw would be incomplete if we did not mention the tallest building in Poland (42 levels). The skyscraper houses: an exhibition center and office buildings of the country's global corporations, bookstores, a swimming pool and a cinema. But most importantly, there is an observation deck open to tourists. Buy a ticket for it, and you will immediately see everything that you see in Warsaw in 1 day from a bird's eye view.

Official website: http://www.pkin.pl /eng

15. Frederic Chopin Museum

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

Frederic Chopin Museum at night

If classical music is your thing, visit the museum dedicated to the famous Polish composer. In a building erected in the Baroque style, he once gave his first concert. The exposition of 15 rooms will show you the piano, autographs, letters, portraits and other personal belongings of Chopin.

Official website: http://chopin.museum/en

< p> We have listed only the most visited sights of the capital. If you are lucky, you will have time to see them all.

Sightseeing in Warsaw: what else to visit in Warsaw

If after visiting the above sights of the capital you have some free time, you should see:

16. Maria Sklodowska-Curie Museum

Attractions in Warsaw: Top 20

Exhibition at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum Adrian Grycuk

The only museum in memory of the discoverer of radium and polonium, sponsored by the Chemical Society. The expositions will give a complete picture of the work of the famous female physicist, her relationship with the world of science and the people around her. Every year in June, an event called “Night at the Museum” is organized here. Every week, admission is completely free for everyone (traditional practice for museums in the country).

Official website: http://en.muzeum-msc.pl/

< h3> 17. Museum of the Polish Army

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

An open-air exhibition of weapons from other countries User:VargaA

The second largest museum in the country, after the national one. The theme of the expositions is military history and memorable victories of the Polish army. Most of the copies (uniforms, weapons, etc.) are dedicated to the participation of the Poles in the Second World War. In addition, there is a unique collection of battle paintings.

Official website:http://www.muzeumwp.

18. Ujazdowski Castle

Sights of Warsaw: Top 20

View of Ujazdowski Castle from the park

The royal palace of the 13th century, the current director of which is F. Cavallucci. Over the past 25 years, over 600 exhibitions have been held here. Educational seminars and concerts, thematic exhibitions are regularly organized. The Castle also houses the Center for Contemporary Art.

Official website: http://u-jazdowski.pl/en/

19. Lazienki Palace

Warsaw Attractions: Top -20

Lazienko Palace on an artificial island surrounded by a pond

Former royal residence with an adjacent area of ​​more than 70 hectares. The main building – the Palace on the island, is famous for its works of art (more than 2.5 thousand samples), an art gallery, a neoclassical ballroom and Solomon's hall. On the territory there is an original bathhouse of the 17th century, canals, greenhouses, pavilions and other structures of Baroque and French classical architecture.

Official website: https://www.lazienki-krolewskie

20. Lazenki

Warsaw attractions: Top 20

Arch bridge in Lazienki park

A huge park called Royal Lazienki near the center of the capital. On the way to it, you can see Ujazdowska Alley, Novy Svet Street and Krakow Suburb. The palace and park complex is considered the best monument of early classicism. The landscaped area has benches for rest, jogging paths, a small pond and even its own attractions, such as the Royal Palace and the Chopin monument.

Official website: https://www. lazienki-krolewskie.pl

If you want to come to Warsaw to see its historical and architectural masterpieces, we recommend that you hire an experienced guide. Or develop a detailed excursion route in advance, because. The number of interesting sights in the city is really great. Read also about the sights of Gdansk and be inspired to travel further in Poland.

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