We suffer losses because of the Russians: the popular resort of Spain begged for change

We are losing money because of the Russians: the popular resort of Spain has begged for change

If tourism is the new oil, then the “embargo” on the “deliveries” of Russians due to sanctions, will affect many “Russian” resorts in Europe with the same tangible losses as the “oil and gas” sanctions. In particular, the Spanish resort of Costa Dorada will lose 1.4 billion euros due to the lack of Russian tourists. Interestingly, this information was released to the public by the German publication Deutsche Welle (which in Russia ended up in the register of media-foreign agents).

Before the pandemic, Russian tourists supplied the resort with about a fifth of all volumes, in 2019 their number was 20%. However, the Russians did not only take in numbers – they spent a lot of money in local shops and booked mainly the luxury segment of hotels. As a result, Spanish entrepreneurs are begging for change – although they understand that it is not worth dreaming about Russian tourists who disappeared with covid in the near future.

“At first, the Sputnik-V vaccine was not approved by the EU, which led to a complete lack of transport mobility between our countries. Now we have already lost hope for the return of guests from Russia in the near future against the backdrop of the geopolitical crisis,” complained Pere Granados, the mayor of the resort town of Salou. losses of the retail business, the same stores. At the same time, hoteliers are by no means making anti-Russian speeches. “For us, this is a very big loss, we suffer losses and hope that the situation will change soon,” said Jaume Orteo, owner of the Playa Park hotel.

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