We wash in the pool, breakfast 6000 rubles: shocked Russians spoke about prices in Bulgaria and Turkey

Washing in the pool, breakfast 6000 rubles: shocked Russians told about prices in Bulgaria and Turkey

Tourists, by hook or by crook, making their way to “unfriendly” Bulgaria – and we recall that this country is in the forefront closed the sky to Russia – are shocked by the prices of the once cheap tourist destination. However, things are no better in Turkey. Moskovsky Komsomolets presented stories of shocked Russians who report how they wash in the pool to save money and are forced to have breakfast for 6,000 rubles. cheaper just can not be found.

In Bulgaria, a tourist was warned before leaving to “multiply everything by two or three,” and the saddened property owner had to make sure that this was the pure truth. So, prices for a “communal apartment” soared: “payments come sickly” for a month for water for 60 leva (3300 rubles), for electricity 70 (3800 rubles) – and this is without air conditioning, for which you have to pay 80 leva (4360 rubles). Prices for Internet at home per month are about 50 leva (2700 rubles). “I know people who not only do not turn on the air conditioner, but also go to the toilet in a cafe so as not to waste water in the toilet once again. Some wash in the shower in the pool,” a neighbor told the tourist. At the same time, housing prices are growing – “odnushka” is being sold for 40-50 thousand euros.

An ordinary tourist who is more concerned about beaches, excursions and “what to eat” – and drink – Bulgaria will not please with prices either. Prices for sun loungers and umbrellas are 10 leva each (550 rubles). Go to the water park – 70 leva (3800 rubles). Among the excursions, the expert indicated a two-day trip to Romania cost 280 leva (15260 rubles), adding that this amount “with reasonable savings” can live for a week. Taxi, according to her, “became from the category of inaccessible”: for a 15-minute drive, drivers asked for 20 leva (1,100 rubles). For example, to get from Sunny Beach to Burgas (30 minutes) – 70-80 leva (3800-4360). Public transport to Burgas – 8 leva (440 rubles). In the city – 2-3 leva (110-165 rubles).

As for food, then, again, according to the tourist, “going to a restaurant quickly beat off the desire to eat out.” “Compared to last year, prices have risen by 30 percent. And taking into account the collapsed ruble, the prices of dishes have doubled and the prices in ordinary Bulgarian restaurants have approached expensive Moscow establishments, ”she says and cites the following prices for Bulgarian “specialties”: Shopska salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese) – 10-15 leva (550-810 rubles), breakfast with scrambled eggs or porridge plus coffee will cost about 16 leva (870 rubles), fish and meat – 30-40 leva (1700-2200), mussels – 10-18 leva (550-820), in on average, a dinner with wine for two comes out at least 100 leva (5500). Fast food – from 5 leva (270 rubles) – and “there is always a queue near the stalls with low cuisine,” the tourist assures.

Cooking at home is also a so-so plan: an average trip to the supermarket cost about 150 leva (8,000 rubles) and products left in two days: a package of dumplings – 14 leva (760), chicken fillet – 15 (817), pork – 19 (1035), doctor's sausage – 18 (981), milk – 4 (218), hard Bulgarian cheese – 19-25 leva (1035-1400 rubles). “The situation with fruits and vegetables is sad: cherries 500-800 rubles, watermelon – 3.50 leva (190 rubles) per kilogram, grapes and peaches – 7-8 leva (380-450). Pink tomatoes – 6.5 leva (350), cucumbers – 3.80 (207). Berries from 20 leva (1100 rubles),” the tourist says, assuring that “only the prices of alcohol have remained the same.”

Another MK correspondent from Turkey shares the same financial troubles, but already in Istanbul. As her “local” correspondents assure, “they have never lived so badly.” “If last year Istanbul was considered an affordable destination for the middle class, today this city is more likely for rich people,” she assures. Further, everything is almost the same: a taxi is a luxury, the road from the airport cost 600 liras (2150 rubles), the hotel “in the area of ​​​​the famous pedestrian Istiklal Street in the center of Istanbul” and “the most budget option in this quarter” cost 160 liras (15,160 rubles). ), moreover, “the room was a pencil case, where they miraculously shoved a double bed and a nightstand under the TV”, and “the bathroom resembled a narrow closet: a tiny sink, a shower head over the toilet”, and on the second day the water was turned off – and I had to “use the toilet in neighboring cafes.

Again, food prices for the year “rose three times”, the tourist assured, telling about the cost of food. “A modest by local standards Turkish breakfast (two scrambled eggs, olives, olives, butter, jam, honey, vegetable caviar, a small plate of tomatoes and cucumbers) in a cafe cost almost 500 lire (1,800 rubles). In addition to this set, we ordered a scramble, an omelet, pancakes and three coffees for three. We paid 6,000 rubles,” she assures. For lunch “with reasonable prices”, where “tasteless, but cheap by Istanbul standards” they gave 5,000 rubles for three, for dinner “in the simplest beer bar in the alleys of Taksim Square” – 8 thousand rubles for two pizzas, a couple of glasses of beer and alcoholic cocktail. “The cost of fruits at the breakups was also surprising. Cherries – 200 liras (720 rubles), peaches – 120 liras (430 rubles), apricots – 150 liras (540 rubles),” the tourist added, saying that two days in Istanbul cost them about 70 thousand rubles.

At the same time, as the tourist assures, among the locals there are either super-rich or rapidly impoverished. “I sympathize with the tourists. The Turks know that now you can only cash in on them. Therefore, the prices for visitors are unreasonably high, ”she quotes the words of a long-time Russian migrant. Tak assures that in resorts in 3-4-star hotels that operate on an all-inclusive basis, they began to save on food and alcohol. “But tourists still go. For foreigners, this is still a paradise. Change the dollar-euro and go for a walk,” she adds.

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