Weather swings began in Egypt: Hurghada fell into an anomalous zone

Weather swings began in Egypt: Hurghada fell into the anomalous zone

Heads of resorts in the Egyptian tourist province of the Red Sea urged to follow the weather forecast and other conditions and act promptly according to the situation General Amph Hanafi, head of the province. The main reason is “weather swings”, sharp – 10 degrees differences in night and day temperatures, as well as strong winds and dust storms.

“Cities in the Red Sea governorate (province) are experiencing a state of bad weather, temperature fluctuations, likely cloudiness, strong winds and dust storms, as well as high waves,” local authorities warn tourists. A separate warning of poor visibility has been issued for motorists. They are required to comply with the prescribed speeds, especially on highways, the Ring Road and the external roads of the Red Sea.

On the other hand, this will not entail any consequences for tourists. All infrastructure continues to operate, beaches are not closed, sea cruises and ports also continue to work.

In general, the forecast for the rest is relatively favorable – in the coming days, there really is a serious temperature difference between night and day. During the day – the heat is up to +33 degrees, at night – about +20. In addition, strong winds are expected at the beginning of the week – up to 10 m/s and occasional cloudiness. The wind will remain strong all the coming days, but will gradually begin to subside, and the temperature will even out – about +30 during the day and +25 at night. Cloudy weather is occasionally possible – for example, the forecast promises it this coming Friday. The water in the sea is +25 degrees.

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