Went to swim and did not return: tourists in Phuket were warned of the danger

Went for a swim and didn't come back: Phuket tourists warned of danger

A storm and strong winds killed two tourists this week off Koh Chang – one of the largest in Thailand. At the same time, the lifeguards of the popular Patong Beach on the popular island of Phuket warned vacationers about the dangerous surf on the shores of the stormy ocean and urged them to monitor the weather and pay attention to the color of the flag on the beach before entering the sea.

They urged all swimmers to only use the safe swimming areas where yellow and red flags are displayed and warned that swimming outside the safe areas could be very dangerous due to the weather, Thai media reported. The Meteorological Department of Thailand has issued recommendations for tourists holidaying in Thailand. However, most of them ignore the precautions, believing that the warning, which has a national level, does not apply to their vacation spot.

According to meteorologists, the waves are now dangerous on all coastlines of the country, including the mainland and islands. The same goes for the popular Phuket beaches: the sun does not spoil vacationers, instead of an idyllic picture in July, the Thai coast meets vacationers with deadly waves. However, weather warnings do not scare vacationers – tourists still flock to the beaches to enjoy their vacation, soak up the beach and swim.

According to the newspapers, citing the lifeguards of the famous Patong Beach, most of the tourists he now sees come from India, Arab countries and Australia, there are few Russians. “They come to enjoy swimming, water skiing, parasailing and jogging. Some of them still come to sunbathe, ”the publications quote their words.

The sea on the coast will continue to be rough in the coming days, but the authorities have not yet announced the closure of the beaches from swimming. Instead, lifeguards are on duty to warn tourists of the dangers of swimming in stormy weather. As the main lifeguard of the beach noted, as a rule, vacationers listen to the restrictions not to swim in open water, especially where red flags are installed. However, there are those who ignore any safety rules.

For example, two foreign tourists did this near the island of Koh Chang. Despite the order not to go far into the sea, they went into the water and did not return. Their nationality has not yet been revealed. Earlier, in April, on the secluded island of Koh Samui, an emergency also occurred with vacationers who ignored red flag warnings on the beach. Their overconfidence cost them their lives.

Thai authorities have once again warned that red-flagged beaches are not open for swimming. If stormy weather beckons vacationers to swim, then you need to do it where yellow-red flags are installed – these are safer places for swimming.

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