What I like about holidays in Marmaris (Turkey). The pros and cons of the resort.

What I like about staying in Marmaris (Turkey). Pros and cons of the resort.

Today I will tell you about one of my favorite Turkish resorts – Marmaris. I like this place in Turkey more than others and below you will find out why.

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Where is Marmaris?

Marmaris is located in the southwestern part of Turkey, on the Aegean coast.

 What I like about staying in Marmaris (Turkey) Pros and cons of the resort.

Pros of a beach holiday in Marmaris.

  • Hotels for every taste. Here you can find both inexpensive 3-4 star hotels and luxury hotels 5 *. There are family and youth hotels.
  • Good beaches. Marmaris has some of the best beaches in Turkey – soft warm sand, clear and clear water, gentle entrance in the sea.
  • Not as high humidity as for example in Antalya. Relatively low humidity makes hot weather much easier to bear here.
  • Great resort for young people.Marmaris has a lot of entertainment – cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars, water parks, interesting excursions.
  • Beautiful nature. The resort is surrounded by hills and pine/eucalyptus forests.

Vacation in Marmaris, in my opinion, is much more pleasant and more interesting than, for example, in Antalya or Alanya and at the same time cheaper than in Belek.

But, this resort has its drawbacks, and to be objective, I will talk about them in one of the following articles. Subscribe to the channel so as not to miss it.

And if you have already identified the disadvantages of a holiday in Marmaris, you can share them in the comments 🙂

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In addition, a short video with views of Marmaris and its surroundings:

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