What is more profitable: long or short tours to Turkey?

Let's look at example of Turkey.

Let's take a 5-star all-inclusive hotel tour.

For example, a 7-night tour to the popular Amelia Beach Resort Hotel & Spa, located in Side, costs from 126 thousand rubles for two. .

Tour for 12 nights in the same hotel will cost about 182 thousand rubles. In terms of days, the cost of one day of rest is 15 thousand rubles.

As a result, the longer the tour, the lower the cost of one day rest.

Of course, if the budget and travel time are very limited, then you will have to buy a tour for 7-8 nights, but if you like a long vacation and are ready to slightly increase the budget, then it is more profitable to buy a tour for 12-14 nights.

In addition, it happens that the difference in the cost of tours for 7 and 12/14 nights is only 40-50 percent.

Compare for yourself:

🌴 Short tours to Turkey 🌴

🌴 Long tours to Turkey 🌴

By the way, did you know that now you no longer need to take a PCR test or have a vaccination certificate to visit Turkey? If not, then we tell you this good news – to rest in Turkey is now easier. Follow the links above and look for profitable tours directly from tour operators.

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