When flying to Thailand, everyone was in shock, and in Phuket, a plane with Russian tourists mysteriously circled over the sea for several hours

When flying to Thailand, everyone was in shock, and in Phuket a plane with Russian tourists mysteriously circled over the sea for several hours

The chain of Azur Air flights to and from Thailand “broke” for unclear reasons. Thais are trying to figure out why the plane of this Russian air carrier immediately after departure in Russia circled over the sea for several hours and returned back to the airport in Phuket, and Yekaterinburg tourists of another flight – already from Russia to Thailand – are in shock: the flight in Yekaterinburg was delayed by almost a day , and whether he will fly to Thailand is unclear.

The Thai edition of The Taiger expresses the opinion of the puzzled Thais – why the Azur Air ZF3750 liner flew to Novosibirsk last weekend from Phuket, and with a five-hour delay, but never flew anywhere. “He circled for several hours over the sea and returned to Phuket, leaving about 200 passengers stranded. The flight was supposed to take off on December 10 at 15:50. Instead, he took off at 21:20 and circled the sea for two and a half hours before eventually returning back to Phuket, ”wrote the Thai media, noting that another 200 tourists waiting for the departure in the opposite direction – to Thailand from Novosibirsk, were also left without a plane.

However, neither Phuket Airport nor Azur Air has made any official statements or released any information about why the plane made such a strange flight. Nobody received any explanations, and the flight itself is promised to be completed, but with a ten-hour delay.

Meanwhile, in Yekaterinburg, a shocked tourist tells her story to the local E1 portal. As the passenger said, one day of vacation is down the drain. All due to the fact that the Azur air flight from Yekaterinburg to Phuket was delayed for 19 hours. The plane was supposed to take off on December 12 at 23:15, but the departure time on the online scoreboard of Koltsovo Airport changed to December 13, 18:30, and then to 21:30. At the same time, the departure time, according to the tourists, was constantly shifting by an hour.

By the time the time was already moved to Tuesday evening, the airline received the following comment: “We are waiting for another aircraft from Moscow, the last aircraft got stuck in Phuket a little. It will be faster now to send a spare plane from Moscow, prepare it and send it, so far the scheduled departure time is 21:15. All of our passengers are accommodated in hotels, everything has been worked out according to federal aviation rules.

Let us recall that Aeroflot flights to Thailand were also put on the back burner. In violation of the agreements, Laos closed airspace for them, and now the flight to Thailand has become longer and longer. No problems were reported with other carriers, but this may be the reason for the delay. Read the details at this link.

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