When is the best time to relax in Turkey in 2022: spring, summer or autumn?

Beach season in Turkey starts in June and ends in October. Most tourists visit Turkey at this time. But the season can be divided into several periods. We talk about when it is better to fly to Turkey for a vacation.

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At this time, the temperature of the air and water in the sea is already suitable for a comfortable rest on the beach and swimming. At the beginning of the season, prices are slightly lower than at its peak or in September.

There are many tourists in the resorts, but again, not as many as in August and September. who wants to save a little on the cost of a tour, while enjoying the already full-fledged summer weather, bright and warm sun, and warm sea water.

☀️ High season is July and August in Turkey.

At this time, the tourist influx is the most, and the weather is the hottest of the season.

In the middle of summer, the air temperature during the day, on average, warms up to +35 degrees, and the water in some places up to +28 degrees.

Those who can't stand the heat are not recommended to fly to Turkey in July and August.

☀️ Velvet season – September in Turkey.

The best time for a holiday in Turkey – prices for tours are gradually starting to decline, there are a little less tourists, and the sweltering heat is already leaving.

In September, the climate in Turkey is quite mild, there are almost no rainy days.

☀️ The end of the season in Turkey is October .

October marks the end of the tourist season in Turkey. Beaches and resorts are empty – the people are becoming much smaller. It is gradually getting cooler, but swimming and sunbathing are still possible.

The main advantage of rest at the end of the season is the low cost of tours.

In October, you can have a very good and inexpensive vacation in Turkey. It's also a great time for sightseeing and excursions.

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