Where is it cheaper to relax in the summer of 2022: Turkey or Egypt?

Turkey and Egypt are the two most popular overseas beach destinations this summer. It is to this country that Russian citizens most often buy tours.

Many people are wondering where it is cheaper to relax – in Turkey or Egypt?< /p>

We figured it out and prepared a simple and short answer for you below.

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Where is it more profitable to relax this summer – Turkey or Egypt.

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After analyzing dozens of proposals, we were once again convinced that holidays in Turkey are much cheaper.

See for yourself:

Cheapest All Inclusive Tours to Egypt cost from 97 thousand rubles for two for 6-7 nights, and tours "all inclusive" to Turkey start from 70 thousand rubles for two.

In general, holidays in Turkey are almost 30% cheaper. And the weather in Turkey in the summer is much more comfortable than in Egypt – it gets too hot in Egypt at this time.

Besides, fly less to Turkey.

Of course, Egypt has a better sea and a more diverse underwater world – for lovers of diving and snorkeling, this plays a big role .

Where are you planning to vacation this summer, Turkey or Egypt? Write in the comments.

Where is it cheaper to relax in the summer of 2022: Turkey or Egypt?

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