Where to go on Walpurgis Night: 7 “witch” attractions

Major “holiday” is celebrated on the night of May 1st

Many travelers like to visit places with a mystical past. Although few people really believe in the existence of witches these days, tourists from different countries show a genuine interest in the sights associated with them.

Mount Brocken


In the German Harz is the highest the mountain of the region is the Brocken. It attracts many tourists because it is considered the place of the witches' coven.

The mountain has been known as such since the 16th century. The Brocken appears in many sagas and folk tales, but the most famous writer who mentioned the Brocken was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He made the mountain a gathering place for witches during the celebration of Walpurgis Night in the first part of his Faust. Since 2006, a national park has been opened on the territory of the Harz.

Back to news | It is also very popular among tourists because of the numerous rumors about sorcerers, witches and shamans who sell their own products here.

In fact, on the market you can buy medicinal herbs, amulets, potions for any occasion and figurines with traditional symbols. At the same time, dried cubs and embryos of llamas, standing right there on the shelves, amaze the imagination. So while the witch market isn't all that mystical, it does give you a taste of the local flavor.

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