Why I don't like Antalya (Turkey) in summer. Not the best holiday resort in Turkey.

I recently explained why . And in this article I will share with you a few arguments why, for me personally, Antalya is a bad option for a summer beach holiday.

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Why I don't like Antalya (Turkey) summer.Not the best holiday resort in Turkey.

Here are some reasons why I choose other resorts and not Antalya:

  • Too crowded. Antalya is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey and during the high season there are a lot of tourists. The beaches are almost packed and sometimes it is difficult to find a free place to have enough space.
  • Tour prices.Of course, Antalya is far from the most expensive resort in Turkey, but given that tours to such beautiful places as Marmaris, Kemer and Side are cheaper, and relaxing there is much more pleasant, rest in Antalya no longer seems so attractive.
  • Many hotels are across the road from the beach. The resort is designed so that many hotels in Antalya are across the road from the beach. And even if you buy a tour to a hotel “on the first line”, this does not mean that the hotel will be located right on the beach.
  • The star rating of the hotel does not always correspond to the real state of affairs. In general, this is not only the problem of Antalya, but it was here that I noticed this moment most often. Very often hotels have a 5 * category, but in fact they do not correspond to it. I advise you to carefully read the reviews before buying a tour to any hotel.
  • High humidity. From -for this, the heat in Antalya is felt very strongly.
  • It's unbearably hot in July and August. Don't buy a tour to Antalya at the height of the season if you can't stand the heat.< /li>
  • Locals treat tourists solely as “purses”. Again, this is a problem for many resorts, but in Antalya I met this attitude more often than in other Turkish resorts.

I personally think these there are enough reasons to choose another resort instead of Antalya (). Antalya. If you do not agree with my reasoning, then I will gladly read your opinion in the comments.

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