Winter is coming: a popular resort warned tourists about the unexpected arrival of extreme weather

Winter is coming: tourists have been warned about the unexpected arrival of extreme weather at the popular resort

After the extreme heat, Spain will again give tourists a weather surprise – but this since the extreme will be in the other direction, they will literally be hinted that “winter is coming.” All tourists, especially those in the Balearic Islands, have been warned of the unexpected arrival of extreme weather this weekend.

According to the Spanish press, the Spanish meteorological agency AEMET issued a warning of storms and heavy rains that will hit most of the country on Saturday , September 2. For tourists vacationing in Mallorca, this is not a surprise – a storm has already rushed through it, twisting trees with roots and making “loose objects” fly. At the same time, the weather is not expected to improve over the weekend.

“Next week, when meteorological autumn begins, it will be colder than usual for this time of year in most of the country,” the agency also warned. Moreover, a sharp change in weather will be accompanied by showers and winds. Rain is possible in most of the country – the weather forecasters also warned.

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