Women and men were equalized: now everyone can only walk in swimming trunks at a popular resort

Women and men have been equalized: now in a popular resort everyone can only go in swimming trunks

“You will have to accept these cultural differences, ”the Daily Star warned tourists, commenting on the approach of Spanish resorts to a very intimate issue. Now, on the Costa Brava, women and men have been equalized: in the name of non-discrimination, everyone can only go in swimming trunks.

“Topless sunbathing on the beach is not uncommon in continental Europe, but we usually don’t see women swimming in the pool and going to the beach bar without a swimsuit top. But a change in the equality law in part of Spain means women don't have to wear anything other than swimming trunks,” the publication assures.

It goes on to say: “As a result of the victory of feminist activists, topless sunbathing and nude chest while swimming has become a legal right in Catalonia, Spain.” This applies to both Barcelona itself and much of the Costa Brava.

“Earlier this year, some pools tried to prevent women from going topless in the summer due to a large number of complaints. However, they were told that this is against the law and you should be prepared to accept it if you see topless women in the pool. Everyone is at risk of discriminating against people for any reason, including gender or gender, religious beliefs or clothing, ”adds the publication.

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