You have bedbugs in your hotel room: signs are told on how to identify parasites in your room

You have bedbugs in your hotel room: signs are told on how to identify parasites in the room

Tips on how not to run into uninvited six-legged guests in your room – that is, bed bugs, and also not to bring them home with you, are given to tourists by Mattress Next Day with the help of expert Vicki Sims from the Lady Bug pest control department. The expert first recalled that bedbug infestation is rarely associated with poor hygiene and most often occurs due to the fact that they are transported by the guests themselves on personal items such as luggage.

The first tip is how to detect bed bugs. Tourists are strongly advised to examine the bedding in the room and the bed, especially the “hidden places” for signs of bed bug infestation. “Check the hotel bed, including removing bedding so you can see the bare mattress and any signs of real bed bugs or their feces. Then lift up the mattress and look for bed bugs under your mattress. Do this the same way you would in the crevices of drawers beds if it is a sofa bed,” the expert writes. She also advises checking with a flashlight and dark places, like the gap between the head of the bed and the wall. If something suspicious is found there – rusty or reddish spots, small dark spots or live insects – it is best to change the number immediately.

The second piece of advice given by the expert is not to put your suitcase on the bed. This way you protect yourself from insects that you could “capture” somewhere on the road, and in general it is better to keep luggage in the luggage rack away from the bed. It’s also best to store clothes in a closet, and put dirty clothes in a spare plastic bag, as the smell of dirty clothes attracts insects, an expert advises.

And finally – the final safety tip on how not to bring home such a “souvenir”: “As soon as you return home from vacation, unpack your suitcase somewhere other than the bedroom. Ideally on a hard floor, as you will not be able to find bed bugs in carpet. Then carefully examine your suitcase and use a flashlight to inspect the seams, folds and pockets of your suitcase. Then you should vacuum your suitcase before putting it back into storage. “Also, just in case, the tourist is advised to rewash all clothes – preferably in hot water.

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