You're not in Russia, we can't do that: Russian tourist was shocked by the rules

You're not in Russia, we can't do this: a Russian tourist was shocked by the rules

Russian tourist in the company of Italian friends went on a trip to the mountains of Slovenia and learned the shocking rules of Europe that every piece of land is someone's property, and therefore you cannot even put up a tent in a wasteland without paying for it. The girl told more about the Italian law on the Yandex.Zen channel.

“This is not Russia for you! Of course, you have so much land, and Europe is tiny! There is somebody's property everywhere. Yes, perhaps no one will know and no one will check. But what if they find out? That's a huge fine!” – explained her Italian interlocutor.

However, tourists did not pay, but found a way to get around this rule. According to Italian law, there is a place where tourists can sleep peacefully in the open air and not worry about exorbitant fines. In Italy, these are mountains, where you can stop with tents for the night.

“So, in order to realize the idea with tents in Slovenia, it was decided to stop for the night near its border with Italy (literally 5 minutes by car) and drive back to Slovenia in the morning. It’s good that at least we managed to find a place with a beautiful view!” the Russian woman was delighted.

In addition, the traveler was shocked by another thing – campsites, where, by law, you should stay in Europe in such cases. It turned out that with the help of organized paid parking, the authorities protect the land, which is already too small. “According to my ideas, if you pay 20 euros (translated into rubles at the current exchange rate – about 1,300 rubles) per person for a place in a campsite, then it should be in a beautiful place. But two hours of detailed study of campsites in Italy and Slovenia showed that in most cases these are ordinary sites in the middle of trees, nothing remarkable. There are beautiful campsites in Switzerland, where at least it’s clear what you pay for,” the author was indignant.

During the conversation, the Italian interlocutor spoke about several more rules in force in his country. Let's list them:

  1. So, residential buildings must meet certain standards, otherwise living there will be prohibited. “My grandmother can only live on the second floor of the house, as the ceiling on the first floor is below the norm. If someone checks this, they face a large fine … People in Europe don’t like to take risks, so they follow the laws,” he explained.
  2. In addition, rent out housing to both locals and tourists in unusable condition is also prohibited. “My friend was surprised when I told him that in the Crimea, many rent out their garages to tourists during the season, or outbuildings in poor condition. It turns out that this is also prohibited in Europe,” the blogger concluded.

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