Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

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The Swiss city of Zurich is a place where time has stopped. The sights of Zurich have retained their natural integrity and authenticity. Therefore, before traveling, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with what to see in Zurich by reading this material.

What to see in Zurich in the first place?

First of all, before planning a trip to Switzerland, it is best to read a number of thematic materials that will allow the tourist to better understand the historical past of this unique mountainous country. Since Zurich is extremely diverse in outstanding places, a few days may not be enough. In this case, hotels in Zurich will help you not only spend time in a chic and luxurious environment, but also visit the best sights of Switzerland.

1. Old Town

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Zurich Old Town bird's eye view

Altstadt or the Old Town is a kind of district that covers the main historical part of Zurich. Statistically, the population of the district is 1.5% of the total population of Zurich. The main attractions of Zurich can be briefly characterized as part of a single complex, which is located within the Old Town. Historically, the development of the city began right in the heart of Old Zurich, where the Roman subjects founded their fortifications.

2. Paradeplatz

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Paradeplatz – the business center of Zurich and the best place for shopping Andreas Praefcke

A journey to fabulous Zurich must certainly begin with the notorious square, which is a huge transport hub for tram lines. The historical past of the site is not so diverse, and before, there was a quite ordinary livestock market here. Later, during military exercises and exercises, the square was renamed to the same name. At the moment, the rating of the place especially rolls over when the amazing time of Christmas comes. So, the square is decorated with many luminescent garlands and decorative ornaments.

3. Burkliplatz

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Swiss National Bank at Bürkliplatz in Zurich Roland zh

Potential solutions to the route problem are the recommendations of tourists who visited this place, so the question of what to see in Zurich in 1 day will disappear by itself. In any case, to lose sight of the world-famous Bürkliplatz would be not only discourteous, but also sinful. The square is used not only as a decorative addition to urban architecture, but also as a place where a lot of sports and cultural events are often held. The proximity to the city lake, as well as the presence of a viewing platform, makes the place attractive for endless streams of curious tourists.

4. Bahnhofstrasse

Top 27 attractions in Zurich

Tram on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich Patrick Nouhailler

The ranking of the most expensive shopping places in Europe and the world is headed by Bahnhofstrasse. The central place of the city is actually filled with outlets of elite, global brands. However, only a few hundred years ago, on the site of a famous street, medieval fortifications were located, which were demolished over time, and the moat formed between them was successfully transformed into a flat surface.

Official site:< /em> https://www.bahnhofstrasse

5. Langstrasse

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Langstrasse is famous as the Red Light District throughout Europe Martin E. Walder

If the trip of a group of tourists is too boring, you can definitely visit the prototype of the Red Light District, which is located in the fourth quarter of the city. This evil and slightly gloomy place will immerse the guests of the city into the atmosphere of the true life of the representatives of the lower classes. The long street is filled with entertainment venues, as well as places that are not entirely safe for the layman. However, the red-light district in Zurich is still worth a visit, as there are very few places like it in the world.

Check out the beautiful views of Zurich in this breathtaking video!

6. Town Hall

Sights of Zurich: Top 27

Zurich City Hall on the right bank of the Limmat Roland zh

Truly the main attraction of Zurich and a kind of symbol of this fabulous city is the city hall. The architectural structure was erected back in 1698, when Switzerland was experiencing its historical “dawn”. Located on the banks of the Limmat River, the town hall combines the best features of the Baroque architectural style. In addition, the interior decoration, as well as the facade of the building, was preserved. The scenery and decorations inside the building, the unique and rare ceramic oven are relics that keep the secret of the great city.

7. Grossmünster

Sights of Zurich: Top 27

View of the twin towers of the Grossmünster church from the side river Limmat

Excursions in Zurich absolutely always contain a plan to visit the Grossmünster Monastery. According to a well-known legend, the founder of the temple was an outstanding historical figure and ruler, Charlemagne. So, at one time, the monastery was a kind of prototype of a similar nunnery, which is located on the other side of the river. The European Reformation movement also affected Switzerland, so the monastery was originally made in the Romanesque architectural style.

Official website: https://www.grossmuenster

8. Church Saint Peter

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Clock face of St. Peter's Church in Zurich Photones

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Active organ in St. Peter's Church in Zurich Andrew Bossi

Reviews of this historically valuable place fully justify the reputation of the church. The historical forerunners of the church are extremely rich. Founded in the 9th century, the church was originally built in the Romanesque style, after which, in the year 1000, the church was replaced by a new Romanesque architectural cell of the city. Two hundred years later, the building was again restored in the late Romanesque style, in which it has survived to this day. It is curious that the first independent mayor of Zurich was buried in the tomb of the church.

9. Fraumünster Church

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

One of the facades of the Fraumünster church in Zurich Eluveitie

Interesting places in Zurich have not only a unique and breathtaking view, but a full-fledged historical factual background. The current Catholic church in Zurich was erected by order of King Louis, who, in turn, did the same according to the wishes of his daughter Heidelgard. Throughout its history, the monastery has undergone many visual changes and additions. Moreover, the work on the stained-glass windows of the temple was done by the domestic painter Marc Chagall.

Official website: https://www.fraumuenster

10. Zurich Opera House< /h3>

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

The facade of the Zurich Opera House is decorated with busts of prominent writers and composers Roland zh

The legendary status of the building was deserved when the brilliant, fantastic German composer Richard Wagner worked within the walls of the theater. The theater hosts many cultural events. The exterior of the building is white in neoclassical architectural style. In addition, the facade of the theater is decorated with busts of German classics of the musical era of the same name.

Official website: https://www.opernhaus

11. City Art Gallery

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Building of the famous art gallery Kunsthaus in Zurich ONAR

Sights of Zurich: Top 27

Works by Jan Wallace at the Kunsthaus in Zurich Ian Wallce

When it comes to what to visit in Zurich?, the city's art gallery is a must. Designed by Karl Moser at the beginning of the 20th century, the gallery offers guests a selection of the outstanding artworks of the German masters of the past centuries. Skillful connoisseurs of art will surely take into account the full extent of the luxury and beauty of this place.

Official website: http://kunsthallezurich

12. Rietberg Museum


Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Glass green pavilion “Emerald” in the picturesque Rieterpark in Zurich Andreas Praefcke

Sights of Zurich: Top 27

Exhibits of the Rietberg Museum in Zurich Andreas Praefcke

The sights of Zurich are, first of all, a collection of precious monuments of European culture. The Rietberg Museum is the only museum of its kind of non-European culture. The exposition of the museum is located in three separate museum buildings. The selection of installations includes extraordinary works from India, China, Africa and Japan. In addition, the museum has an exhibition of South European art.

Official website: http://www.rietberg.

13. Swiss National Museum

Sights of Zurich: Top 27

The historical building of the Swiss National Museum in the form of a castle in the center of Zurich Roland zh

The sights of Switzerland, as well as rare exhibits of the country's cultural heritage can be seen in the largest museum in Zurich. Old Zurich is represented by a pretentious and unusual building in the eclectic style. Architecturally, the structure was built in the form of a chateau and corresponds to the features of the French Renaissance style. The exposition of the museum is represented by exhibition sessions about the historical past of Switzerland and the city.

Official website: https://www.nationalmuseum

14. Beyer Clock Museum


Zurich Attractions: Top -27

The Beyer Watch Museum in a watch shop with a sign “BEYER Watches & Jewellery” in Zurich Natalia Sverdlova

Isn't Swiss watches the main attraction of the country? The answer to this and other questions can be given by the unique quality of watches produced by the Bayer brand. The company's watch museum is located on the ground floor directly in the brand's store. Antique and rare watch models will naturally delight even an experienced tourist.

Official website:https://www.beyer-ch.com

15. Toy Museum

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

A collection of a wide variety of toys from Europe at the Zurich Toy Museum Flominator (talk)

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Tin soldiers in the windows of the Zurich Toy Museum Flominator (talk)

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Toy trains with trains and wagons at the Flominator Toy Museum (talk)

A complete immersion in the atmosphere of a carefree period of childhood and childishness will be provided by the Toy Museum in Zurich. Once upon a time, Carl Weber, who was especially fond of tiny toys, decided that throwing away this kind of beauty was not only inappropriate, but also slightly blasphemous. As a result, since the 19th century, a huge collection of the rarest exhibits has gathered in this place.

Official website: http://zürcher-spielzeugmuseum

16. Sprüngli Confectionery

Zurich Attractions : Top 27

Entrance to the Sprüngli Bakery on Paradeplatz in Zurich Johnny Chicago at lb.wikipedia

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

“Luxembourgerli” – small colorful almond cakes with Orever cream filling

The confectionery, which is located in the very center of Zurich, is deservedly known outside of Switzerland. The long history of the brand has allowed us to accumulate and implement invaluable experience in the manufacture of skilful desserts and exquisite chocolate. More than 170 years of existence have brought the status of an elite institution to the confectionery.

Official website: https://www.spruengli.

17. FIFA Football Museum

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Museum dedicated to the history of FIFA football in Zurich Mister No

This is not a review of bookmakers, but only the only FIFA museum of its kind. Located in the Swiss city of Zurich, the museum combines the exhibits of a sports theme – football. Golden balls, football uniforms and much more.

Official website: http://www.fifamuseum.com/

18. Urania Observatory

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Zurich Urania Observatory with a spherical dome sidonius

A unique, domed structure that clearly stands out from the classical European architecture of Zurich, will allow you to enjoy a stunning view of the night sky. In addition, the most powerful telescope will give you the opportunity to see constellations up close, as well as celestial bodies of amazing beauty.

19. Zurich Railway Station

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

A monument to Alfred Escher on the square in front of Zurich main train station Juerg.hug

Sights of Zurich: Top 27

The multi-colored sculpture “Guardian Angel” by Niki de Saint Phalle under the ceiling of the railway station Andrew Bossi

​​Guides in Zurich start their tours of the city from this very common place. However, the beauty of the Swiss railway station shocks everyone. The facade of the building is decorated with bizarre figures of people. And the modern filling of the interior space makes the place truly European.

Official website: https://www.sbb.ch/en

20. Polyban Funicular< /h3>

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

The lower station of the old Polyban funicular in a residential building built in 1888 by Joachim Kohler Bremen

In the truest sense of the word: “what to see in Zurich”, there is a hint of the Poliban funicular. Despite the peculiar authenticity of this rail tram, the funicular is a very reliable means of transportation. Tourist interest is caused by the opportunity not only to feel the presence of the distant 19th century, but to enjoy the panorama of the unique Zurich.

Zurich attractions: what else to see in Zurich?

Zurich attractions photos with names and descriptions are listed above However, this does not mean that the most interesting places in the city have been exhausted. So, there are many places in Zurich that are strongly and immediately recommended to go.

21. Chinese Garden in Zurich

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

The Chinese garden, spread out on the right bank of Lake Zurich

In gratitude for the assistance provided to China, the city of Kunming presented Zurich with a piece of its own historical value – an amazing garden.

22. Zurich Zoo

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Bengal tiger in the Zurich Zoo

A visit to the local zoo will give young tourists and adults a lot of impressions from a great variety of rare animals.

Official website: https://www. zoo.ch/en

23. Old Botanical Garden

Sights of Zurich: Top 27

The greenhouses of the botanical garden on the territory of the University of Zurich

Under the auspices of the University of Zurich, the old botanical garden exhibits rare plant species that have a beneficial effect on the microclimate of this natural and natural place.

24. Lindenhof quarter

< p>Zurich Attractions: Top 27

Buildings of the city block Lindenhof on the left bank of the river Limmat Roland zh

The historical value of the city – the block Lindenhof is located on the left bank of the city river. So, according to legend, many religious sacraments were performed in this place, as well as mass gatherings of city residents.

25. Limmat River

Zurich Attractions: Top 27

The Limmat River within the historical center of Zurich

The length of the river is about 36 kilometers. The Limmat River is an undoubted part of historical Zurich and harmoniously complements the image of the city.

26. Lake Zurich

Top 27 sights in Zurich

÷ Beautiful bird's eye view of Lake Zurich on a sunny summer day < p>Lake Zurich is one of the cleanest Swiss lakes. The picturesque reservoir attracts the attention of not only lovers of outdoor activities, but also those who prefer a relaxing holiday in nature. The lake is also notable for the fact that piled structures were discovered here for the first time.

27. Mount Uetliberg

Sights of Zurich: Top 27

View of the city and the Alpine valleys from the top of Mount Uetliberg Patrick Nouhailler's …

Mount Uetliberg is a proud semblance of the greatness of the Swiss state. Located at the top of the hotel and an observation deck, will give the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque panorama of the awakening city.

Zurich is a realm of historical wealth of art and architecture. This is a complete and irrevocable immersion in the European abyss of perfection. Read also about the sights of Lausanne and get inspired for your next trip to Switzerland.

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